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They vulcanized neoprene, so they incredibly flexible and

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Only a short 30 years ago, kids didn’t have opinions, kids

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Driving without what it said it needs results in the outcome

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After break ups people tend to pretend that everything is

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From Kids to Older, people from different countries can

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“I kept looking at it and questioning

Last week, I spoke at the Wilbur Theater in Boston and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy supreme hats, New York. Audience members submitted their questions on tiny cards before the show, allowing them to remain anonymous while forcing them to be succinct. Here are some of the questions I didn’t have time to get to at both events..

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Na het experiment, waarbij 48 proefpersonen gedurende 8 maanden

It’s the promise of luxury, of excess, of extravagance, of sheer weirdness, that attracts us to Dubai. We will happily tramp for kilometres past hundreds of same same international brand name stores to gawp at the parka clad hordes on the snowy slopes inside the Mall of the Emirates. The thing itself is of only mild interest; the fact that it even exists is what inspires wonder..

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If there are too many posts to sort through

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