But though Tipp’s ace was strong

But though Tipp’s ace was strong, it was just one card and in the face of Galway’s array of kings, it could only carry so much weight. With Cathal Mannion and Jason Flynn to the fore, Galway inched their way back to lead at the break. After Callanan’s second goal, they scored the next two points within a minute; after his third, they scored the next four..

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I jumped into a cab and raced back to the airport

So, I jumped into a cab and raced back to the airport. After going right to the spot where I left the bag and seeing it was long gone a feeling of dread hit me. How was I going to work? How would I replace all this stuff? So, I grabbed a Diet Coke, found a security guard and went through the process of putting in a report.

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Game itself was amazing in that from the very beginning

Game itself was amazing in that from the very beginning the big explosion was Wilbert Montgomery off the right side for a 42 yard touchdown. And then early in the game John Bunting tackled Tony Dorsett behind the line of scrimmage, threw him for a big loss. But when Montgomery broke through on the right side and scored that touchdown you knew they were going to the Super Bowl..

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